One Step Forward…

Two steps back.

It has been awhile since we have posted anything, and as usual, it feels like so much has happened.  We had so much that we were excited to update you all on, until today when we hit a bit of a…speed bump.  I’m going to give you all a quick update on the past 2 weeks first though.

Lots of small things got finished as well as a few big things!  We have effectively closed in the frame of the house, by finishing the very tedious task of cutting each individual block to fit in between the rafters where the roof meets the wall.  The loft has been framed, as well as the bathroom walls.  This is great because it really is giving us an idea of how the space is going to feel!


The French doors, oh boy, those French doors.  The deal that we got on the doors from ReFit on Mississippi ended up costing us just as much as the original sliding glass patio door (not including my sanity, which I lost quite a bit of).  After a week of taking a crack at them on my own, I called in reinforcements.  Tiny house curious engineer extraordinaire, John, came to the rescue.  After another three days of work, we ended up getting those doors in correctly.  What I learned from this whole project?  Buy pre-hung doors.



John fixing one of my mistakes



Thar she swings!!!


We had to return one of the three windows for the roof because it had leaked out the lovely Argon that gives it its insulating powers, and replaced it with a fair bit of water (not so strong in the insulating powers department).


Maybe we could put some fish in there?


We kept striking out finding an overstock/second hand window for such a particular size. Defeated, I decided that we would just have to order a custom window to fit the frame.  I swung by an overstock yard that I was driving by, and low and behold I found a perfect window to replace all three of the smaller ones, and it ended up being cheaper than ordering a new custom window!


2 of the 3 original windows installed



Doesn’t that window look great…


As I stepped back to marvel at the greatness that was our new single 8-foot window, I noticed something peculiar.  Something that I thought I had seen before, but just assumed that I was crazy.  Maybe I was just in denial, but the ridge line is most definitely NOT level.  I’m sure many of you had noticed this in some of the pictures we have been posting, and chalked it up to the angle of the picture.  This is definitely the biggest setback we have had so far, and I have to say, I sat in my lawn chair staring at the house for a long time today.


But enough moping, after consulting the smarter people than myself at the build site, we came up with a plan.  We realized the braces (lovingly dubbed “dutchmen”) that we put to hold multiple ridge beams together had started to sag, and we needed to fix and replace them.  First things first, we need to get the beam level, and particularly, raise the stretch around the dutchman about 2.5 inches.  This is where automotive parts come into play.


This house is JACKED


Voila!  It’s amazing what you can do with 2x4s and a few car jacks.  We have started raising up the beam, a little bit at a time as to not risk causing any structural damage.  As for a long term solution, we will need to make some structural adjustments, but I think I have an idea on how to make lemonade.  I’m not one to dwell on mistakes, I am turning this into an opportunity to add something awesome to our house.  I have an idea, still just an idea, but I am working hard on bringing it to life.  But anyways, more on that later…



Still standing!


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